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I joined :iconpokemon-arpg: so here's my ranch's information so far.

Poke Haven Ranch
Trainer Points: 6

Licenses: Trainer License, Safari License, Safari Tracker, Safari Kart

Pokemon Capacity:


160 point gift card
Evolution Stone x1
Hybrid Potion x4
Lucky Dice x1

Ranch Info: We're a friendly place dedicated to giving Pokemon a great home. The Pokemon here are allowed to decide for themselves what they would like to do whether it be contests/competitions, battling, or just living out their days in lazy comfort or raising families. All are welcome here.

Pokemon Wishlist:
Any Legendary
And lots more...

Howling Acres Ranch Map by Zaira-Wolfe


6 Acres that can house up to 60 Pokemon
Pokemon Count: 6 (2 Female 4 Male)
Space availability: 6/60

About us:

Greetings, and thank you for taking the time to stop by. My name is Zaira, and I founded this ranch with the desire to provide a home to any Pokemon who needs one. Here the Pokemon decide what it is they want to do with their lives. They can battle, enter competitions and beauty contests, or even just live out their days in lazy luxury. I have dedicated my life to making certain that all the Pokemon who live here are happy, and have every opportunity to live up to their potential.

Key Items:

Battle pass
Mountain Bike

1x Random Egg


Our number one goal is always the happiness of the Pokemon who live here. All Pokemon are allowed to free roam on the ranch, and as each new Pokemon is introduced they are carefully monitored to make sure they are getting along well with the other Pokemon on the ranch. 

I also have plans to expand, buy up more land, and teraform it to suit the needs of other types of Pokemon. This way all Pokemon can be happy in environments that they are comfortable living in. Included in these environments are constructed shelters for the Pokemon to live in as well. Sadly this is a huge task, that I cannot possibly complete on my own. Any trainers who share my desire to make Pokemon happy are welcome to, and encouraged to ask about partnership opportunities.

As a couple of personal goals. I would love to become a world famous Pokemon breeder. All my life I've wanted to breed the best Pokemon, and help them to unlock their full potential, in whatever it is they desire, be it battles, competitions, or beauty contests. That being said I'd also like to be a pretty decent Pokemon trainer. Of course I'd only use Pokemon who wish to battle. That said I'd also like to start a Pokemon gym, but what type to pick? They're all really cool...

Goals for the acres themselves are as follows:

1A: I plan to make this acre a habitat specifically for prehistoric Pokemon, to help them to feel more comfortable
2A: Grasslands that will be fenced off for farm Pokemon, e.g. Ponyta, Miltank, etc.
1B: My house. This is where I live, and some of my more home friendly Pokemon, such as Jack the Houndour, and my feline Pokemon.
2B: Lake and Waterfall. A path leading up to the lake needs to be put in before I can start introducing water type Pokemon to the Lake.
1C: Here I have started logging the area. One day I hope to build a Gym here.
2C: Forest with a natural clearing in the middle. Will probably be left mostly alone. Some natural spaces will be needed after all :) (Smile)


We are always interested in expanding our ranch, and our family. As such we are always looking for building supplies, food, and of course, more Pokemon. I aim to collect all the Pokemon that exist one day, and any help towards that end would be tremendously appreciated. We are also in need of help from partners, or even volunteers to come and spend time with the Pokemon here, as it would help make the Pokemon happier. It can be quite difficult to give so many Pokemon the attention that they need when working alone.


Thank you for reading this journal. I'm hoping it will create some RP opportunities within the PKMNation group. I actually am seeking RP opportunities, be it battling, meeting new trainers/breeders, or even forming partnerships on my ranch with other trainers/breeders. I am entirely willing to share my ranch with anybody who would like to become a helping partner and join the cause. Who knows maybe we could even combine the resources of other ranches together, and form a Pokemon Ranch community. I look forward to RPing with anybody interested. To RP with me send me a note, and we can either RP via notes, or we could take some time out to go to the PKMNation RP chatroom. 

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