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Zaira left Oron in the nest so that she could go see what her assignment was to be today. The dragons had gathered as Linneus gave everyone their jobs. As she’d expected she was to go with her new apprentice Spigot to gather more herbs. It was fairly easy to figure out which dragon Spigot was as all the other dragons moved off to set about their tasks. “You must be Spigot then.” Zaira smiled down at the young red dragon, “I’m Zaira, and I’ll be your mentor it seems. Are you ready to begin?” His only response was a shy little not.

With that Zaira motioned for Spigot to follow as she strolled out of camp, feeling more like a leisurely stroll than flying. The two walked together in silence in the morning sun, as Zaira led him up to the first plant. The plant was small and thin with long needles growing out of it. “This is ‘Hare’s Nettle’.” Zaira explained, “See how the flower kind of looks like a hare’s head? You don’t really want to touch the plant itself if you can help it. The needles are sharp, but we need the roots for controlling fever.” Without further explanation she forced a large forepaw into the sand at the base of the plant exposing its roots. Carefully she knocked the plant over by pulling up its roots, after which she carefully cut the plant away.

The two carried on in this fashion, Zaira leading and explaining and Spigot following along in silence, nodding his head to show that he understood. The day wore on, and they’d gathered many different kinds of herbs and roots to use. Again she stopped at a plant. This one was large and had very sharp, thick growths that one could only assume were leaves. “And finally we have ‘Dragon’s Fang’ which is used to help cuts heal. Interestingly enough it’s also good for soothing burns, and alleviating pain.” She smiled at her silent apprentice, “You have to be really careful with this one. Its growths are razor sharp and will cut you if you aren’t paying attention.” Reaching over she grabbed a nearby stick and pried one of the leaves down, causing it to break off. She then gently took it with her stubby digits and pointed the broken end toward Spigot, “See the liquid coming out? That’s the stuff we need from this plant. It dries out quickly, which is why I don’t grab a bunch at once. Odds are you’ll be sent to retrieve it. Anyway that concludes our little excursion. Let’s get these back to my den.”

Zaira KoA Assignment 1
Spigot does not belong to me. He belongs to Buizelfreak I hope it's okay I used him like this. I didn't want to god mode with him too much, but I needed him for the assignment, so I figured he'd probably be silent since he's shy and hadn't met his mentor yet (we should definitely RP together sometime). Anyway the first plant was totally made up, but I don't know if you guys could tell from my description, but I was trying to describe an aloe plant XD

Zaira's Assignment for KoA
Word Count: 439
Oron Kingdomes of Aemulis by Zaira-Wolfe
Oron Kingdomes of Aemulis
This is the application for Zaira's Hatchling over at :iconkingdomsofaemulis:
This character is for use by Sutunari only. If you want to use this character within the group you must get permission from her first.

Name: Oron
Age: 0 (unhatched)
Gender: Male
Kingdom: Eremus
Rank: Hatchling

Gold Coins: 0

Personality: Oron is much like any other hatchling. Curious, giddy, playful, and naive. He is also somewhat of a momma's boy, and can usually be found close to his mother when he is allowed to be. (personality will be expanded as he gets older and experiences things)


Bullet; White = Neutral
Bullet; Pink = Love
Bullet; Purple= Crush
Bullet; Blue = Friend
Bullet; Green = Close Friend
Bullet; Yellow = Family/Mate
Bullet; Orange = Respect
Bullet; Red = Dislike/Hate
Bullet; Black= Guarded/Uncertain

Mother: Zaira
Father: Syme (Deceased)
Siblings: None
Zaira Kingdoms of Aemulis by Zaira-Wolfe
Zaira Kingdoms of Aemulis
This is my application for :iconkingdomsofaemulis: Yes she is very inspired by toothless, and I did want a toothless-esque sort of appearance, however I've taken great care to make sure she's not just another nightfury.

Edit: 1/22/15 Changed the tail fin to better differentiate her from a nightfury

Name: Zaira
Age: 28
Gender: Female
Kingdom: Eremus
Rank: Healer

Strength: 6
Intelligence: 9
Attack: 3
Defense: 4
Speed: 4
Stamina: 4
Total Stat Points: 30

Gold Coins: 120

Accessories: a gold and sapphire necklace that Syme had made for her.

Body Notes: Her ears are very expressive, very much like Stitch's ears, however they are stiff more like a horse's. On her forelegs her 'claws' are flexible, and she has opposable digits to help her with gripping, for a total of five digits on her forepaws. On her hind paws she has four large tough, almost hoof like claws. At the end of her tail is a fan-like structure, which runs from top to bottom, not from side to side,  that helps her to steer in flight. It is flexible, and when fully spread out should be roughly 5 times the width of the tail tip (i.e. two widths tall from the top of the tail tip and two widths tall from the bottom of the tail tip). The tip of her tail can also be an indicator of her mood, being much more relaxed when she's calm, but fanning out more if she becomes upset, angry, or distressed.

Personality: Caring, Gentle, Intelligent, Disorganized, Insecure, Sensitive,  Vulnerable, Casual, Empathetic.
[Caring]: Zaira is of a very caring nature. She'd do anything for those in her kingdom, including putting them ahead of herself. This was what made her want to be a healer for the Eremus Kingdom.

[Gentle]: She's very gentle, and was never interested in fighting. In fact she very much hates fighting and was very resistant to learning how to fight. She would much rather solve conflict through avoidance, or negotiation.

[Intelligent]: Having little interest in fighting left her with free time to explore more intellectual pursuits. She began studying the world around her at a young age, and was more interested in her surroundings and how things worked, rather than with other hatchlings or apprentices closer to her own age. Of course it didn't help that her peers constantly teased her for her blunt, wedge-shaped head.

[Disorganized]: To others Zaira seems to be very disorganized. When other dragons come to her den for treatment her collection of herbs and medicines appears to be scattered about, which is very disconcerting to dragons who value organization. However, the truth of the matter is that she knows where everything is at all times. Her disorganization is more of an ordered chaos than anything. She's had other dragons come in and organize the place for her, only for her to storm out fuming because she couldn't find anything she needed. It took her hours to put things back the way that they had been, and her fellow dragons have since given up on changing this side of her.

[Insecure]: Growing up she was teased. All the other dragons her age thought she was mishapen because of her blunt, bulky limbs and her wedge shaped head. This left her feeling very insecure about herself. She believes herself to be unattractive, even though her mate had tried to convince her otherwise. When he was still alive she was afraid that he would find another mate far better looking than she was, even though she knew he was loyal to a fault.

[Sensitive]: Zaira is a very sensitive dragon. She feels everything much more deeply than most other dragons do. This makes it easy to hurt her, but it also helps her to understand others better too.

[Vulnerable]: The death of her mate has left her in a very vulnerable state, and the childhood teasing doesn't help either. He was a great source of strength and encouragement to her, and with him gone she is broken. She is frequently depressed, and tries to keep herself busy, but sometimes it isn't enough to keep her spirits up.

[Casual]: Zaira hates formalities. She much prefers to treat others as though they were of her own family. This level of familiarity can be unnerving to dragons who tend to be more formal, or who don't know her very well.

[Empathetic]: Being a sensitive dragon has given her the ability to put herself into another dragon's position. She is able to see things from their perspective, instead of being blinded by her own thoughts or opinions. This is a great asset in her line of work as a healer, as she can use this ability to help in treating those difficult, non-physical hurts.


[As a Hatchling 0-12]: When Zaira first hatched from her shell her parents were thrilled. However, upon closer inspection the were immediately concerned. She had a very short, blunt head. They called the healer in, and he was convinced that she wouldn't survive to adulthood because of the risk of respritory problems. To everyone's amazment, and her parents' relief, she grew with no health problems at all. Though this did lead to some very cruel teasing from others her age. They'd tell her that she looked like she had flown into a wall, or they'd ask if her parents dropped her. Because of the teasing she grew distant and preferred instead to spend her time by herself. She would play little games on her own, or observe insects or small animals in their natural environment, after which she would come home with a flurry of questions that nobody could answer. After some time another young dragon,by the name of Syme, who also preferred observation to social interaction spotted her and the two would talk for hours about the things that they saw, making theories about how things worked, or pondering about how things would be if they changed something small. Needless to say they grew to be close friends.

[As an Apprentice 12-18]: She was very dedicated to her learning, and readily soaked up the knowledge that her mentor had to give. She spent much of her time memorizing the various herbs, recipies for various medicines, and learning where to find the herbs needed. On her free time she would talk with Syme about all that she was learning. She also enjoyed hearing from Syme all that he was learning about being a crafter's apprentice. He would also come and show her some of the things that he was learning to make. As they grew and tended to their training they continued to become even closer.

[As a Healer 18-Current]: Shortly after completing her training Zaira and Syme began talking about becoming mates. They both wanted to be with one another, but Syme wanted to wait until he'd finished his training as a Crafter. After a couple more years Syme had finally perfected his skills and had become a Crafter. The two finally announced that they were now mates to the rest of the Kingdom. Things were going great and Zaira couldn't be happier. Several years passed fairly uneventfully, but the happiness wouldn't last. One day Syme had gone to the coliseum, like he'd done a great many times before, but this time there was a terrible accident and Syme was gravely injured. Zaira did all that she could to save him, but all her skills weren't enough. Syme died, leaving behind Zaira and their only egg.


Bullet; White = Neutral
Bullet; Pink = Love
Bullet; Purple= Crush
Bullet; Blue = Friend
Bullet; Green = Close Friend
Bullet; Yellow = Family/Mate
Bullet; Orange = Respect
Bullet; Red = Dislike/Hate
Bullet; Black= Guarded/Uncertain

Mother: (Deceased)
Father: (Deceased)
Siblings: None
Mate: Syme (Deceased)
Hatchlings: Oron (Unhatched)[Mother: Zaira, Father: Syme, Played by: Sutunari] :bulletpink::bulletyellow:



There was a slight chill in the air as dry leaves rustled in the breeze. It had been some time since the leader of Fire Empire had managed to get away from camp, and today was quite lovely. Though the air was cool the sun was shining. It was the kind of day that is best spent with a special someone. Nakita’s bright orange pelt blended almost perfectly with the colors of the fallen leaves as her mate gazed at her. The two had decided to take the day for each other and were out on a leisurely stroll through the Empire’s territory.
“Quite lovely isn’t it?” Nakita mused aloud, “I always did like this time of year. The colors are most spectacular.” She glanced back at Montecore who was no more than a pace behind her.
“Not more lovely than you.” The lion replied, paying his mate a cheesy compliment. “The human cubs were often fond of this time of year too, frolicking through the leaves.” He paused briefly as he recalled his time with the humans in their circus. “I only wish our little Echo could see it.”
The pair let out a collective sigh as the little lion cub back home entered their minds. “I’m sure she’ll find her place in the Empire.” Nakita said reassuringly as she rubbed her head against her mate’s shoulder.
Together they padded along like this, speaking softly together as they made their way along the border to Savage Dog territory.


Zaira was in a foul mood today, having been sent out on gathering detail. The one thing that soothed her temper was that she’d been partnered with her mate at least. She would much rather be guarding the borders than foraging for materials.
“Zaira?” Syme inquired, a little annoyed at her lack of attention, “Are you even listening?”
The she-wolf snapped back to reality as her mate called to her, “Huh? Oh sorry.” She replied sheepishly, “I was lost in thought. What were you saying?”
“Geez and I thought I was spacey.” He teased her lovingly, “We need to go closer to the border. I can’t find what I’m looking for here, but a recent patrol said they might have found some stones off that way.”
After a while of walking along Zaira again became lost in thought, and before she knew it she was at the border with Syme scouring the ground nearby. A bright spot of color caught her attention from the corner of her eye. There, on the other side of the border, was her nemesis. Though the blame lied entirely with herself she still harbored an immense hatred of the tigress before her for scarring her shoulder some time ago.
A low growl escaped her throat as she nudged her mate to grab his attention. He took a quick look in the direction of her death glare. “Isn’t that the leader of Fire Empire?” Syme inquired, but his question went unanswered as Zaira started to pad stealthily towards her target, melding into the shadows for camouflage. “You can’t be serious.” Syme muttered as he followed after her.


Nakita let out a soft laugh as she gazed lovingly at her mate. The two had been thoroughly enjoying themselves as they walked together. Today was turning out to be the perfect day. That is until Montecore spotted a shadow moving unnaturally just on the other side of his mate. He let out a ferocious roar as he leapt over her to intercept the shadow as a stoutly built wolf emerged from it.
Zaira snarled as the lion got in the way, but still she pressed onward, biting at his shoulder as she charged headlong. Montecore moved slightly, just enough for the wolf’s teeth to snap shut on the air where he’d been, and swiped at her with a massive paw that sent her rolling across the ground. Realizing what was happening Nakita went after the she-wolf she’d defeated long ago. Roaring she lunged for Zaira, who had already melded into the shadows once more.
Growling the felines braced themselves for another attack, searching the nearby trees for any signs of movement. Suddenly two wolves emerged from the shadows, lunging and snapping at Nakita and Montecore. They tried to fight back, but the wolves were gone as soon as they emerged from the shadows. The battle went on like this for some time before Nakita got fed up and used a flame blast to light the area, exposing the wolves. Before Zaira could recover from the heat of the blast Nakita was on top of her. The tigress hesitated giving the wolf the opportunity to flee back to her territory. 
Syme leapt to the defense of his mate, but was intercepted by the lion, who slashed at him causing massive damage along his side and sent him crashing to the ground. Zaira took the opportunity to sink her fangs deep into Nakita’s leg rather than retreating. Her rage blinded her to the dangers of continuing the battle.
Nakita roared in pain, and shook the wolf off. She would not tolerate this intrusion any longer. The tigress flexed her claws, trying to ignite them which failed. Zaira was already back on her paws so Nakita took a swing at her, which sailed harmlessly over the wolf’s head as she dodged the attack and lunged again. The tigress ducked down under the lunge, head-butted her attacker and quickly followed up with a flaming slash to the wolf’s throat.
The white wolf staggered to his paws. He checked his side that was now bleeding profusely from the gaping wounds. He stared up at the lion, now looming over him, in horror as he heard Nakita roar. He turned just in time to see Zaira drop to the ground. He knew right away she was dead, and he began to slowly back away. 


Montecore let out a fierce roar that sent the blacksmith staggering back to his own territory with his tail between his legs. He wouldn’t soon forget this battle, not for long as he would live anyway. Syme some now managed to stumble his way back to his home territory, but his wounds were too severe. 
He collapsed on the ground and was shortly discovered by a patrol. They tried to figure out what happened, but the white wolf was nearly incoherent. All he said was “She’s dead. Zaira’s dead.” Soon he was sobbing uncontrollably as the weight of the loss overtook him. He no longer had the will to fight the exhaustion that washed over him and he slowly slipped away. The blacksmith was dead before the patrol could even get him back home.


Nakita panted as she watched the white wolf stagger away, and glanced back at her slain assailant. She let out a sigh. She hated that it had come to this, but she couldn’t let outsiders attack freely in her Empire. She only hoped that this wouldn’t lead to further violence, but she knew she had to prepare the Empire just in case.
“Let’s get back.” Montecore spoke softly as he approached his mate, “You need to get that looked at.”
She’d forgotten the bite she’d received during the fight. Upon closer inspection nothing major seemed to be damaged. “We have to prepare the Empire for the worst.” Was all she said as she padded back to the camp, limping slightly as she walked.
Tensions Rise In Fire Empire
This is a story that triggers the new event in :iconruneempires: Come check the group out as these new events unfold.

Word Count: 1236
SR Earned: 5

Nakita: 2SR (learns Flare Strike)
Montecore: 3SR
Zaira: Dead
Syme: Dead


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